Fractured Magic

Screenplay excerpt


A storm blackens the sky above twisted trees. Shadows press
in on a procession of armed FEMALE ELVES.

There is no light except the small, glowing, magic orb held
in the right hand of AERONA, who is leading the company.

LIGHTNING flashes, illuminating the forest and the company.

In the middle of the procession is a CLOAKED FIGURE being
escorted. She carries a hidden BABY wrapped tightly in her

An ARROW flies through the trees. It has a sickly sheen of
poison on the arrowhead.

The arrow strikes Aerona’s right forearm. A BOOM of thunder
drowns out Aerona’s scream of pain. The orb disappears.
Blackness falls.

Lightning illuminates the forest, showing shadows closing

Blackness falls again. Periodic flashes of lightening show
the women fighting a shadowy HORDE.

The trees appear to be helping the women. Several of the
horde are trapped by branches or vines.

The cloaked figure is trying to help Aerona, who is on her
knees. Aerona is pushing her away. Aerona’s right arm is
limp, the arrowhead still embedded in her arm.

An ENEMY grabs the cloaked figure. The baby CRIES as it is
exposed to rain.

They struggle. Aerona tries to draw her sword. She fails.
She rises to her feet before tackling the enemy to the

The cloaked woman escapes into the woods with the baby. She
is pursued by THREE ENEMIES.

Aerona fights the enemy on the ground. Her arm hinders her.
She is weakened by the poison. Her fingers are turning a
violent green.

She is thrown into the mud. She loses consciousness.
Lightning flashes.

Published by K. A. Lindstrom

A traveling nomad with hermitic tendencies.

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