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The Last Automaton of Doctor Jubal Varva, a short story found in Cogs, Crowns, and Carriages: A Steampunk Anthology, ed. by Phoebe Darqueling and Crysta K. Coburn

“An aging inventor builds one last machine to end the decades-long war and atone for past mistakes.”

Both Kindle and print copies available on Amazon.

About the Author

Karina Alvine Lindstrom is a freelance writer, wandering nomad, and aspiring hermit. With a hodge-podge of writing credits under her belt, she is currently developing that award-winning novel every author dreams of publishing. Unfortunately, her chaotic mind is pumping out this blog, several novels, a series, and a collection of comic books instead, all at the same time.

Note: Miss Lindstrom is looking for potential artists to help develop her comic book series.  If anyone is interested, post a comment below.

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