The Excogitator’s Vision

The future endeavors of a cluttered mind:


  1. Children of the Trees: Hidden amongst ordinary people are a select group of extraordinary individuals. Descendant from pagan mystics, these individuals are tied to nature in a bond that is both beautiful and terrible. One of these individuals, Yvie Holt, finds herself plunged into a secret war she knew nothing about. She must race to find her soul, hidden in a sacred tree, before it is found by malevolent forces.
  2. Devilish Dating: Lonely and depressed, a love demon is accidentally summoned by a college student on Spring Break. Refusing to leave until he helps his new “friend,” Zaebos meddles in the love lives of college students, causing chaos in his wake. (Click for excerpt)
  3. Untitled Series on World War I Military Tactics: My future magnum opus, this will incorporate various characters and points of view across a continent–not unlike Europe–under siege. Characters will include a guerrilla leader, a flying ace, a gravedigger, a female spy, etc. Much research is still to be done.
  4. The Apothecary’s Apprentice : An unfortunate, plain girl named Datura is apprenticed to an old apothecary. In the last year of her apprenticeship, she is left alone to tend the shop. When she is forced to spend time with her elder sister–a beautiful girl with a toxic attitude–Datura decides to mix her up a love potion to finally attract some suitors. But Datura is not a witch’s apprentice, and her spell goes terribly wrong. Datura herself becomes the object of interest, and attracts several deadly suitors. She races to figure out a solution before they kill each other–or anyone else.


  1. Clockwork Angels: God is dead. The angels, blaming humanity for his death, rain fire down from Heaven. One angel stands up for them, and his wings are cut off as he is cast from Heaven. Humanity builds him new wings out of clockwork, and he leads the Resistance to save the world from Heaven’s wrath.
  2. Geriatric Adventures: A retired group of adventurers decide that they aren’t too old to go and save princesses or slay dragons. Hilarity ensues.

*NOTE: I am not good at drawing. I am always looking for talented artists who might want to take a crack at making artwork for my scripts.

Other Projects

  1. Fractured Magic (screenplay): A disfigured fae is forced to come to grips with her past failures. She must save the late queen’s son from a mysterious individual while overcome her own limitations.
  2. The Wandering Tree (poem): A long-form narrative poem about a tree that decides it wants to travel the world.
  3. Additional short stories and articles (TBD)